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Blood pressure instruments for upper-arm measurement.
Premium quality for health.

Both upper-arm and wrist instruments are available for blood pressure self-testing. Both methods are equally valid. However, people with narrowed blood vessels, a condition that is particularly common in elderly people, are advised to use an upper-arm instrument. boso’s blood pressure instruments offer guaranteed outstanding accuracy and can even pick up abnormal heart rhythms (such as extra systoles, atrial fibrillation, etc.). Depending on the type of instrument you use, you will also receive other important information about your health in addition to your exact blood pressure results.
boso medicus exclusive
The premium blood pressure instrument for health
The most sophisticated blood pressure instrument – as unique as your health: this device can be tailored more closely than any other boso product to your personal requirements, and produces many types of statistics to optimise blood pressure assessment.
boso medicus family 4
The blood pressure instrument for couples and families
This model is four devices in one: the whole family can monitor their blood pressure thanks to four separate memories each capable of storing 60 measurements. The instrument also comes with a universal cuff fitting arms between 22 and 42 cm circumference.
boso medicus vital
The blood pressure monitor with memory and assessment functions
For those who want more information about your blood pressure status, this model is the first choice. Visual indicators show arrhythmias including their prevalence. The instrument also comes with a universal cuff fitting arms between 22 and 42 cm circumference and movement errors during the measurement are displayed. The instrument stores up to 60 readings for a substantial evaluation.

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