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Education Instruments manufacturers full range of scientific instruments which all are widely used in colleges, schools, educational research and hospitals training centers. We are exporting educational, laboratory and scientific equipments and hospital laboratory equipments. All kinds of Laboratory Equipments, Scientific & Educational Laboratory Equipments.

Model Teeth with Tongue Model Human Lung Right Funnel Stand Single Rubber Bush Dental Partners Channel number one (15 mm). 150 ml Blue ink. THE LIME BUTTERFLY. Base Retort Stand Rectangular Cast Iron Trial electromagnetic fields (Max Rockwell). Model Pregnancy Pelvis with Baby Model Carp Fish - 4 Parts Cylinder Bristle Size 16"x6"x4" Solar System Model with electric bulb fitting to illuminate the sun Location vitro 4x10 stainless steel box era 13 mm Trial force between charges BP Anguilla (Eel Fish) Rubber Neck Size 5 1 drill hole. BP Petromyzone Water bath 4 Place Size no. 18 5 Kg. Model Mammary Gland in Resting Period Clamp Beaker Model Frog Dissection 5ml Glove Large Model Tissue Structure Brush clearing vitro medium (5 a / set). 100mm dia Dissecting Scissor Straight Centrifuge Hand length 760mm Model Human Fetus Funnel Powder 6.5cm Slide Box Wooden for 12 slides for Geological slides 20ml Model Human Brain Stem Funnel Holder Separatory -10 to 50 C Model Type of Ovules AC trial. Specimen Viviparous Germination Natural Gas Location vitro 5x12 stainless steel box era 25 mm Vernier Caliper Conical Measures readability 0.01g Model Human Heart - Extra Large size Eyepiece 20X.

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