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Ceiling Mounted Air Shower

NuAire Air Showers are mounted on your facilities ceiling as an inexpensive way of creating a clean room providing both HEPA filtered air and fluorescent lighting in a single unit. The modules may be placed as needed to provide light and clean air over critical areas.
Energy Saver Shower
The NU-105 is a recycling air shower designed to provide particulate-free air to a room. It is the least expensive way to create a sterile clean room having Class 100 air cleanliness. The air shower is adaptable to large or small rooms.
Single-Pass Air Shower
A completely self-contained air cleaning module that accepts rough-filtered plant ventilation air and forces it through a HEPA filter. It can be used to create a small sterility room, or with multiple ceiling installations to create a large clean room to handle heat loads, odor dilution, etc.
Standard Features
HEPA Filter, 99.99% Efficient on 0.3 Microns
16 GA Welded Construction.
Bottom Filter Service
Flow Control Valve
Electrical Junction Box
Ceiling Hanger Corner Inserts (1/2” 13 Thread)
Optional Features
Fluorescent Lighting
Duplex outlet.

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