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Heating Plates

Heating Plates
Models HP66M,

Models HP66M, HP99M, and HP1212M feature an anodized aluminum plate controlled with a 0-575F thermostat. They come complete with a 120V line cord, fuse, and illuminated on-off switch. These hot plates are only 1.5 in high and include insulated finger rests on 3 sides.
HPO SERIES HOT PLATES include many features found only in higher priced hot plates. These low profile, self-contained units are only 3-7/8". high, and are well suited for use under a microscope. Temperature is controlled with an accurate digital thermostat up to 500 F / 260C. The anodized aluminum plate maintains surface uniformity of < 2% of set point. Insulated finger rests assure operator comfort.. Choose 120 or 240V operation.
Model HP818MH
Model HP818MH with 8 x 18 in anodized aluminum plate features an attached stainless steel cover, which swings out of the way when the hot plate is not being used. The overall dimensions are 20x10x4 inches with the cover closed. This hot plate operates at 120V, and is controlled with a built-in analog thermostat. The temperature range is 70 to 550F.
Model HP1212
Model HP1212 shown with a covered hood just 2 inches over the surface of hot plate. The heating progress is observed thru a high temperature glass cover, which is interchangable with an insulated stainless steel cover. Temperature is controlled with a remote digital programmable thermostat.

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